ONE: Union of the Senses by José Parlá

ONE: Union of the Senses by José Parlá

union of the senses jose parla

ONE: Union of the Senses, a powerful and timely short experimental documentary film about painting with the same title: ONE: Union of the Senses by Cuban American artist José Parlá.

The film is inspired by Parlá’s centerpiece mural that now spans a staggering 27 meters in length and 4 meters high at the World Trade Center. Starring the people of New York as well as the painter himself, the film was screened at the 6th Annual Istanbul International Arts & Culture Festival (IST. Festival).

The film documents the painter’s gestures, ideas of unity, and creative process on location in his studio, as well as the artist traversing the city of New York and on-site, as he adds the final touches before concluding the painting’s installation.

This documentary evokes a combination of memories, history and a sense of place, yet looks towards the future by celebrating the diversity of the five boroughs of New York. Parlá states that it is his personal love letter to the city where he uses the full spectral abilities of the lens to view the daily life of New Yorkers, their resilience, and the strength to constantly create new meanings for the future.


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