The 1000 Days by Ivan Olita

Ivan Olita - 1000 days

Directed by Ivan Olita as an installment for NOWNESS’ Endurance test series, “The 1000 Days” is a short film about the kaihōgyō, a pilgrimage lasting 1000 days performed by the Tendai Buddhists monks of Mount Hiei, Japan in order to achieve enlightenment. A production by BRAVÒ.

Director’s Note:

“The intention was not only to document the Kaihogyo but to try and create a hypothetical “conversation/relationship” between 3 monks that actually underwent the 1000 days ritual. In doing so, the idea was to arrive at a more stratified view of the overall practice. To gain a perception on their lineage of “enlightenment wisdom” that spans centuries, ages and generations, rather than only follow one monk’s journey.”


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