“What Is Coming?” – Episode #3: José Parlá

“What Is Coming?” – Episode #3: José Parlá

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In the third episode, Alphan Eşeli hosts internationally renowned artist José Parlá. The podcast raises questions about the situation in New York, the general psyche of the society, the impact of the pandemic on the artistic community as well as on how to achieve positive change through hope and global solidarity.⁣

“One thing I do know that I feel in my heart is that it’s a moment for global solidarity.” – José Parlá 

“My guess is that it’s also going to affect the content of art. Because every decisive moment in history has a huge effect on the artistic community. Look at the Dada movement, which was totally born out of the reaction towards the horrors of the war. Creative people are going to focus much more on the content.” – Alphan Eşeli⁣

Listen to a series of conversations between some of the world’s most talented and creative minds, including talks from Istanbul Arts and Culture Festival on ’74PODCAST.


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