“What Is Coming?” Episode 4: Mikhail M...

“What Is Coming?” Episode 4: Mikhail Minakov

Mikhail Minakov Alphan Eseli Podcast

In the fourth episode of ‘74PODCAST Series “What Is Coming?”, ’74 co-founder and filmmaker Alphan Eşeli and philosopher, political scientist, and historian Mikhail Minakov discuss the choices we make for democracy, the concepts of crisis & solidarity, and how revolution is not an option for the new world order.

“Politics is a sphere, where human beings can create new beginnings; and here, the crises show that the old political structures and institutions that we built in the 20th century are actually not working well. We need to re-establish political structures.” – Mikhail Minakov

“It also brings us the ultimate question to the individual; what do we want? What are we going to choose as an individual human being? Are we going to lean towards altruism or self-interest? Because it always comes back to the individual. What kind of individual existence is waiting for us in this new world; and what do we have to choose?” – Alphan Eşeli

Listen to a series of conversations between some of the world’s most talented and creative minds, including talks from Istanbul Arts and Culture Festival on ’74PODCAST.


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